About Us

AccuriX Laboratory Inc. utilizes advanced modern day science to provide you with accurate, precise, and timely results. Our methods and testing procedures are based on proven best laboratory practices that are continuously being evaluated in order to deliver unsurpassed quality service. We recognize the importance of accurate drug testing as a pertinent piece in patient care when partnering with treatment providers.  AccuriX Laboratory harnesses the latest technologies in liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometer (LC/MS) testing techniques which are known as the Gold Standard in drug testing. Our employees are very passionate about your patient’s outcome and work very diligently to provide you with the most accurate and certified interpretations every time.

Science and passion come together to create a team of hard working and diligent individuals who want to offer the very best for their patients. AccuriX Laboratory’s culture of unparalleled integrity and dedication to service is the difference that you have been searching for.


Our expert staff customizes every procedure for each of our clients based on their specific requirements, every client has unique needs that we enthusiastically strive to exceed.


We have developed an extensive drug menu that is constantly evaluated and customized to keep up with popular trending use of illicit and prescription drugs.


All of our methods and controls are scalable to deliver precisely what our clients have come to expect from AccuriX Laboratory for their best outcome treatment.