Q: Should I register ahead of time?

A: No, please never register in advance. This can have adverse effects on reporting times of results. Only register when you are at a testing location in line.

Q: Do I need to include insurance during registration?

A: Yes, if you have insurance you must add it during registration process. For those that are legal residents of the U.S. but do not have insurance they will still receive free testing.

Q: What about non U.S. persons needing to test?

A: Anyone who is not a legal U.S. resident will be required to pay $200.00 testing fee. This can be paid by cash or credit card only. A receipt can be provided upon request.

Q: I would like to have an expedited service, how should I go about this?

A:  First, call the lab at 704-870-3391 and ask if the service is still being offered on the day you would like to be tested. If they say yes, you may come into the 3030 Senna Dr Suite A location to be tested and payment will be due upfront

Q: Is testing still offered at the Matthews Location?

A: No, starting January 10, 2022 walk-ins will no longer be taken at the Matthews location. Only international persons that are required to pay for testing and patients needing expedited services should be coming to the Matthews locations. Even then, these specific situations need to confirm that they will be able to get tested due to the increase in demand for testing nationwide. Please visit our other testing sites if you do not fall under either one of these categories.

Q: I have not received my test results yet or they are late, what should I do?

A: Please be patient. We can no longer guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time. Expect a 3-4 business day response time moving forward for results. Testing facilities across the U.S. can no longer keep up with the demand that has arisen from the new covid-19 mutations. Please make sure during registration that all information is correct, especially the e-mail used during the process. If the e-mail is incorrect, you will not receive results. Accurix Laboratory Inc. and affiliates is not responsible for missing or delayed results in this case.

Q: I tried calling the testing facility, but it is always busy or no one answers, what is the problem?

A: Please understand that there is hundreds of patients calling in every day. It is extremely difficult to respond to every single call and voicemail. Please be patient, if your call is not answered wait a few hours, if you still do not get a response call back tomorrow. Please do not leave multiple voicemails as this only delays responses to everyone not just one individual. Please be aware that testing facilities across the U.S. are struggling to meet the increase in testing demands.

Q: Can I get tested multiple times in the same week?

A: No, Accurix Laboratory Inc. reserves the right to reject a person’s test if they have been tested the same week already. A patient may test once per week ONLY. To be tested again at our facility, you must wait one full week from the day you were swabbed.

Q: I received my results in my e-mail but I can’t access them, what do I do?

A: To access your results look for the download button in the email. Once you click the download button your results will populate as a PDF in which you can download or print from your computer. Alternatively, you can click this link (Patient Portal) to log-in. Input the phone number used during registration then click “Use OTP”. You will receive a text message with a number to log-in.

Q: Can I use the same e-mail during registration for multiple people?

A: It is advised not to. Using the same e-mail for multiple people can cause an issue with sending out results.

Q: Why have my friends or family members received their results before me when we all had our swabs taken at the same time?

A: There is no guarantee that any individual or group of individuals will receive their results at the same time. Please be patient, we are working as quickly as possible.